SanDian Extreme PRO 1TB

  • Obtained from: AliExpress
  • Price paid: $6.62
  • Advertised capacity: 1TB
  • Logical capacity: 1,072,694,296,576 bytes
  • Physical capacity: 29,943,033,344 bytes
  • Fake/skimpy flash: Fake flash
  • Protected area: 0 bytes
  • Speed class markings: U3, V30, A2
  • CID data:
    • Manufacturer ID: 0x00
    • OEM ID: 0x0000
    • Product name: 0x4150505344 (ASCII: APPSD)
    • Product revision: 0x00
Card #123Average
Manufacture dateApr 2014Apr 2014Apr 2014N/A
Serial number0x128000060x128000070x12800000N/A
Sequential read speed (MB/sec)16.7116.7816.6216.70
Sequential write speed (MB/sec)15.3314.3310.2713.31
Random read speed (IOPS/sec)415.031,123.401,089.49875.97
Random write speed (IOPS/sec)9.940.430.423.60
Read/write cycles to first error41Not yet determined2332
Read/write cycles to complete failure1,283Not yet determinedNot yet determined1,283
Total days to complete failure98Not yet determinedNot yet determined98
Package frontN/A
Package backN/A
Card frontN/A
Card backN/A


There’s not much to say about this card that is going to be different than the 128GB version. Like its smaller sibling, this card was disappointing at best.

Performance metrics were well below average and were only marginally better than the 128GB version — and, like the 128GB version, were not good enough to merit any of the performance marks that it carried.

Like many of the low-quality cards I’ve tested, sample #1 started experiencing errors after only a few read/write cycles, and the number of errors only increased as time went on. It was declared “dead” after 50% of the sectors on the device had been flagged as “bad”. Here’s what the graph of this card’s progression looked like:

Sample #2’s has not yet reached the 2,000 read/write cycle mark; it is currently expected to reach this point in November 2024.

Sample #3’s first error was a 32-sector wide data loss error during round 24; it has survived 417 read/write cycles in total so far.

June 9, 2024

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