Sansumg PRO Plus 2TB

  • Obtained from: AliExpress
  • Price paid: $4.63
  • Advertised capacity: 2TB
  • Logical capacity: 2,147,483,648,000 bytes
  • Physical capacity: 8,489,271,296 bytes
  • Fake/skimpy flash: Fake flash
  • Speed class markings: U3, V30, A2
  • CID data:
    • Manufacturer ID: Unknown*
    • OEM ID: Unknown*
    • Product name: Unknown*
    • Product revision: Unknown*
    • Serial number: Unknown*
    • Manufacture date: Unknown*
  • Sequential read speed (MB/sec): 9.98
  • Sequential write speed (MB/sec): 9.07
  • Random read speed (IOPS/sec): 574.04
  • Random write speed (IOPS/sec): 0.79
  • Read/write cycles to first error: 1,970
  • Read/write cycles to complete failure: 1,970
  • Total days to complete failure: 45
  • Card reader used: SmartQ Single**
  • Package front:
  • Package back: Not available
  • Card front:
  • Card back:

* These values are unknown because I didn’t have the idea to dump the card registers until later in this project; by the time I thought to do it, this card had already died.

** I think. Seeing as how this is one of the first cards I tested, I would have only had SmartQ Single’s at that point in time.


Before I go any further: yes, “Sansumg” is misspelled. No, it’s not a typo. This is one of the first cards that I bought off of AliExpress, and I spotted the misspelling immediately — in fact, it was the whole reason I ordered it. The makers of this card even went so far as to try to make their logo look like Samsung’s — taking Samsung’s logo and switching the “M” and “N” around.

Being fake flash, this card did about as abysmally as I expected on its performance tests — maybe even worse. All performance metrics were more than one standard deviation below average. This is not a unique distinction — it’s shared by a few other cards in my collection — however, what does make this card stand apart is the fact that it had the lowest score in the sequential read test out of any of the cards I tested. In fact, not only does it not qualify for any of the performance marks that it carries, but it didn’t even meet any single threshold for any of its performance marks.

I was about to be impressed by how long this card managed to last in its endurance tests; however, it failed just shy of the 2,000 read/write cycle mark. It failed pretty suddenly, and just suddenly stopped responding to commands from the system.

February 25, 2024

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